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How to Ask a Girl Out


Is is such an amazing feeling when you have a crush on a girl. But along with this pleasant and nice moment our brain provides us with hesitation, temporarily losses of common sense and disability to talk and to be relaxed. This is why it is better to be prepared in advanced to the moment when you are about to ask a girl out. All you need to do is lose your shyness, be confident and use your sense of humor.



Make a call

No doubts that we live in an era of computer technologies and there are smartphones apps, emails, social websites and so on. But to make sure girl receives your invitation (first of all) and to be nice and make bigger impression call her on her cell. If you just met, you took her number or you don't know each other for that long, introduce yourself, tell a girl your name and where did you met or where did you get her cell phone number.


Make some jokes to melt the ice

It is obvious that you are nervous, who knows, maybe the girl you are calling is in panic too. So to make your conversation a bit less tight, make some jokes and try to sound nice and funny. Make her laugh or smile - in this way she'd immediately enjoy your call and the conversation between you guys.


Ask her to go on a date with you

Before you start calling a girl , try to think of several place where ??? ?? you might have a conversation or have fun together. If this is a restaurant, try to think of several ones that correspond your budget. If it is a zoo, make sure your date is not allergic to animals. If it is a cinema, think of several movies that she might like. Try to listen to her emotional reaction to the different places you offer, if she hesitates - name another place where you guys can go.


Reaction on her rejection

For example you offer going to a bar a person who is not a party person, in this way she can actually reject your offer. If she rejects, then as an alternative propose another place. If she says for the second and third time, well, she's not that into you. Then just say that she might call you any time when she is not busy and you'd love to pend time with her. Overreacting and being sad or begging to go with you wouldn't help here for sure.


  • Don't be ashamed if you said or did something wrong - if a girl really likes she'd understand that that was a result of your anxiety.
  • Don't ask a strict vegetarian to a steak house, don't ask a dog person to a cat exhibition and so on.
  • Don't be too pushy - you might seem like you are a stalker.
  • Don't be arrogant and don't show a girl that you are an absolute alpha male - you might seem like you are just right after pick-up classes.
  • Don't be rude if a girl rejected your proposition - there is plenty of fish in the sea.



First impression even when it is made by a cell phone call is very important. Believe in yourself and don't be sad or depressed if a girl rejected you, everything happens for a reason.

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