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How to Apply for Medicaid


Medicaid is the universal federal long term health care programs for the people who have the low financial income including the senior citizens, disabled people,children from the needy families and the pregnant women. Medicaid was launched in 1960s. It was supposed to be the way to help the U. S. Citizens with the lower income level who need the long term medical assistance. To get medicaid you should meet the several parameters and social categories. First of all only the U. S. Citizens are allowed to apply for medicaid. That's why it is obligatory to have the U. S. Citizenship for those who are going to apply for medicaid.


Meet all the requirements

To apply for medicaid you need to meet the three requirements.

  • First of all as it has been already mentioned above you need to be a citizen of the U. S. to get the right to use medicaid in the state you live in. In the case you don't have the citizenship of the USA you will have to get it before applying for medicaid.
  • Since medicaid is the federal state program of medical assistance each state defines its own criteria for the applicants as well as the treatment terms and the list of the services available. That's why before you apply for medicaid in your state you need to make sure if you meet all the necessary criteria defined by the state you live in.
  • You right to get medicaid depends upon your own financial income. You will need to check your annual financial income and see if it lays in the frame of the limit defined by the state you live in. In the most part of the states this limit covers the following figures: $ 2 000 per a person and $ 2 250 per the married couples. In the case you income is equal or less than these numbers you have the full right to get medicaid.

Make sure you are a member of the certain social group provided Medicaid

Besides that each state provides medicaid for the specific groups of citizens who need the medical assistance applied at the first turn. Those groups include such citizens categories as the blind, the disabled people, the disabled pregnant women, children under the age of 18 years old, senior citizens (older than 65 years), HIV positive people and the ones with AIDS. Since you have the right to use the federal state medicaid service you may apply for it in the social health care department in the state you live in.

Supply all the necessary documents

To get medicaid assistance it is necessary to supply the totally filled in application form to the local office of social health care and medical insurance. Another institutions that take these application forms are the Human Resources Department or National Health Care Department.

Prove your age

First of all you need to collect the document that prove your age. They are your birth certificate, the documents that prove your citizenship and identity, for example your passport. You will also need the documents proving the amount of your annual financial income, your insurance, paid bills for the medical assistance. After that fill in the application form for medicaid. You may either download the empty application form from the National Human Resources Department in your state. For example this is the Alabama subdivision http://www.dhr.alabama.gov/. Take into consideration that some states don't accept the forms online.

Attend the interview

After that the date and time of the interview will be set. Come to the interview and answer all the questions. Your case will be considered soon.


  • Don't miss the interview otherwise you will have to undergo the whole procedure once more.
  • Don't try to cheat and hide your income otherwise you will be prosecuted.
  • Don't hide any facts you are asked about during the interview.



In the case you don't have the right to get medicaid you may try to use some other programs that provide the low cost medical assistance. You may apply to your nearest healthcare department to get the necessary information.

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