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How to Apply Eyeshadow


Eyes are the mirror of your soul, so you must be sure your mirrors are perfectly framed. Indeed, messy eye makeup can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to your outlooks.

We are all created different, so it's crucial to choose the right color and methods of applying eye makeup that suit you perfectly. The choice depends on the shape and the color of your eyes. Thus, the shades of brown will compliment blue eyes, violet and grey eye shadows are perfect for green eyes, etc.

So, you want to use 2 shades of the same color to create that nice classic eye makeup that has somewhat of a bridal look.

Eye shadows come in different forms. You can use pressed eye shadows or ones that come in small tubs and have creamy structure, or those powdered and highly pigmented ones... Some of them are matt, others and glossy or metallic and give you a glamorous look. Some eye shadows have really intense color; others are more transparent. The choice depends on the occasion as well: you should choose pressed, matt or transparent eye shadows for your daily makeup and experiment with more exotic and glamorous ones if there's any special occasion coming. Usually, it is recommended using the combination of matt and metallic (approximately 70/30), and optionally add some glimmer.



There are several different ways of applying eye shadows. It can be applied with your fingertips if you want to get more intense and sharp color. You can also use a fluffy brush to create a very light-touched and smoked-out kind of looks. Another way to go is a flat brush. It works more like your fingers as it presses the eye shadows to the lid and thus creates a very intense color. If you need to get a smoother texture, you can wet your brush in the water. This method can also turn the darker eye shadows into a liquid liner and help them last longer.


Start off by applying a basic eye makeup look. Choose 2 shades that compliment each other. The first one should be pretty light while the second one should be a mid tone, not too dark and not too light at the same time. You can test it on your hand first to make sure it's not too intense and check if the structure is exactly what you want.


Close the eye and apply the lighter shade all over your lid. Keep your eye open when apply the darker tone because when you close your eye, the lid look a bit different. Apply the mid tone with light strokes, stop every once in a while to check if you're doing that right. Keep the shade on the brow bone, but don't make it too high. This is the very basic look that you want to use for any type of makeup.

If you want to make it more "bridal", take some glimmering shade of the same palette and apply it along the lash line and a little bit on the lower lid.


  • Using a "wet" method of applying eye shadows, make sure your brush isn't soaked with water! It should be just a little bit wet.
  • Don't bring the darker mid tone too far to the corner of your eye that is closer to your nose. Otherwise, you create the effect of squint.
  • Don't use mascara prior to applying eye shadow. You don't want it to create the effect of show on your lashes.



So, hopefully these easy tips will help you create a perfect look for any occasion. It just takes a little bit of practice. You can experiment with the types of make up you use as it's he only way how you can figure out what looks the best on you personally.

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