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How to Apply Eye Makeup


Eyes are the most expressive part of the face. Everybody knows that the beautiful eye create the enchanting an mysterious image. However that isn't the merit of nature only. The woman may change the shape of her eyes with the help of the make up and even alter the color of her eyes with the colored contact lenses. With the help of the colored contact lenses and the make up any girl or women may underline the advantages of her appearance and hide the defects if there are any. The main thing is the suitable eye make up. There are many make up means that will help you to alter the shape of your eyes, make your eyes look big and sad or turn them into the cat ones. The most popular means of the eye make up are the eye shadow and the eye liner. Now let us consider how to apply the eye make up with all these means.


Choose the eyeshadow

First of all you need to choose the eyeshadow. But while choosing the eyeshadow you need to pay attention not only to the color but also to the quality of the product. The quality of eyeshadow will define the quality of the make up. The eyeshadow should lay on the eye lids smoothly and evenly without the clumps. Besides that the eyeshadow should wear long and remain smooth and shiny even in the end of the day.

Get three tones of shades and apply them on your eyelids

To apply eye shadows you will need two or three shades. That is the base eyeshadow that is applied onto the prepared eyelids. You will have to choose the color of the base eyeshadow that would match the natural shade of your skin. Usually this color should be two tones lighter than the color of your eyelid skin. It is recommended to apply this eyeshadow onto your eyes with the help of your fingers. The warmth of your finger tips will make the base lay smoother.

Try using shimmer

You may also try to use the light eyeshadow with the delicate shimmer for the evening make up. That will make your eyes shine from the inside. Used as the base they will make the main pigment look more intensive. Try to apply it in the inner corner of your eye to create the effect of wide opened eyes. The texture of the eyeshadow you use depend upon your preferences, your skin type and the effect you wish to get. The oily skin will look less shiny under the dry baked eyeshadow and the dry sensitive skin will look healthy with the creamy eyeshadow.

Apply eyeliner

The eyeliner will change the shape of your eyes. This is the easiest way to get the cat look. You may underline the line of the eyelids completely or just stress some parts of the eyes. If you have the eyes that are set wide apart it is better to apply the eyeliner in the inner corner of your eyes. And vice versa the dark outer corners of the eyes will make them look wider.

Use mascara

The final step is applying the necessary amount of mascara layers. One of two will be enough for the daytime make up. Three and more will look good in the evening.

The light eye shadows under the eyebrow will add the effect of the fresh look.


  • Don't apply too much mascara. The stuck eyelashes with clumps don't look good.
  • Don't forget to check your make up during the day and correct it if necessary.
  • Don't apply the pink or red eye shadows without eyeliner. That will look like you have been crying.



Don't be afraid to carry out some experiments. Search for your own unique style. You may try to imitate some thematic or symbolically-rendered eye make-up on some special occasions.

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