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How to Adopt Amish Principles in your Life


Amish is the Christian movement which is supposed to be one of the most conservative ones in Mennonite branch. The founder of the Amish movement was Jacob Amman, the priest from Switzerland who emigrated in Alsace. The doctrine of Amish is one of the most conservative among all the branches of Christianity. The most part of the modern Amish (more than 200 000 people) live in the USA and Canada. The most conservative groups of Amish in USA keep speaking Dutch.

Their life is based upon some principles and laws that can't be violated. If some of the members of the Amish community violates these principles and rules he or she is subjected to forever excision.

To accept their principles in your life you will have to refuse from many conveniences that today are taken as granted.


Based on Bible

The main characteristic of the Amish spiritual teaching is the strict following the Holy Bible. The most important part is supposed to be the one where the information about the separation of the church from the state is contained. The most part of Amish people refuse from using any technical means that help the modern people to communicate and lead their life in general. The Amish people don't have the central heating, running water, electricity, telephone and any other things that would connect them with the outer world.


The Amish are the followers of the traditional way of life. They wear the clothes and the hats of the definite type, ride the carts and wagons put in harness on the horses, use only the metal wheels and use the metal plough to cultivate the soil. The marriage is allowed only if the both sides are the true Amish people. That is probably one of the main problems of Amish people. The matter is that Amish were originated from only the two hundreds of people. That amount is too small and what is called inbreeding happens. That's why the children of Amish are born weak and the percentage of the infant mortality is relatively high. If you are ready to face this difficulty you should take into consideration that the medical service allowed is restricted. You will have to accept all the disasters as the will of God.


You will also have to accept your being isolated from the other world as the mercy from God and your way. The religious Amish groups aim to isolate their settlements from the non-Amish community.


The relationships inside the church and inside the family are valued greatly. The Amish people run their own schools that usually consist of one room. If you wish to become Amish take into consideration that you children won't get the modern education and will learn only the subjects that are practically useful in the Amish community.


You should also be ready to share all your problems with the community leaders and accept the fact that all the questions are settled down inside the community.


  • The young women can't have any close relationships with the opposite gender until they get married.
  • The women can't appear in the streets after the sunset. That is supposed to be lewdness.
  • The men should wear beards after they get married.
  • All the people wear the old-fashioned clothes and usually don't have more than three outfits in order to fight with envy and vanity. You can't wear any dress you like.
  • You also can't wear any jewelry including the wrist watch and wedding rings.



Today the population of Amish is more than 200 000 people. They are mainly originated from Alsace. Though the Amish people admit that they are the members of one and the same denomination they belong to various branches. The most conservative one is the Mennonite Amish Community. Some communities of Amish still use the cars and electricity however.

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