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How to Adjust Sprinkler Heads


Summer has come, and everyone is glad to welcome itÖ except for the grass on your lawn and plants in your garden. Without proper irrigation, the sun will scorch them within a week or so. If your lawn still lacks sprinklers, itís high time to invest in them. However, you need to make some adjustments before it starts watering the ground. Itís important to have an evenly watered lawn, and this article will show you how to adjust sprinkler heads easily and irrigate your lawn and garden effectively all year long.


Spray pattern

Find a popup portion of the nozzle and turn it clockwise using your fingers. Keep turning until you hear the click. After that, repeat the same process counterclockwise.



Make up your mind on the part of the lawn/garden that you want to be irrigated and point the right end of the spraying point on this spot. Turn the sprinkler's base Ė it will allow you to align the screw with the right edge of the spray pattern. Turning the screw clockwise will help you determine the left side. Turn the screw at the top of the sprinkler head counterclockwise to adjust the distance of spray from the nozzle.


Spray distance

The distance of choice depends on the quantity of sprinkles you have and also on the type of plants you want to water. Smaller distance will give you more intense watering while wider distance gives you a wider coverage but less intense watering. For most sprinklers, turning the popup (you can manually pull it out of the sprinkler head) counterclockwise will give you a wider spray while turning it clockwise will make the area of coverage smaller. Remember that you canít turn some sprinklers manually and for some models you have to use a screwdriver.

  • Donít use these tips for each and every type of sprinklers. There are different types of sprinkle heads, and all of them have specific characteristics. Check with the manufacturerís instructions before you start. If your original instruction is lost or unreadable, feel free to visit a manufacturerís website to check the instructions.
  • Donít apply too much power to the parts of the sprinkler. If thereís something you canít turn or unscrew, let it be and check the manufacturerís instructions to make sure youíre doing it right.
  • Donít make random adjustments. Different types of plants require different irrigation schemes. Check with the instructions first.



Even the most expensive and sophisticated sprinklers can be insufficient if they are not adjusted properly. Poorly adjusted sprinkler will result in some areasí being watered more than others, and thatís enough to ruin the entire look. Use these tips to adjust your sprinkler heads and ensure a good level of irrigation on your load or in your garden.

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